We had to cancel many gigs with pain in our heart, this year. As hard as it is to get gigs in new places, as easy it is to loose them when a piece of unwanted DNA lingers around the world. We decided to use the stimulus check to buy a ship. Bas had his own Sailhorse until he sold it in 2000. Now he’s lived in a motor cruiser since 2016, his sailor blood started to go and flow to prevent slipping in a low. Seeing a documentary about Laura Dekker (look her up if you don’t know who this is) also got Ilene hooked on sailing movies and series.

We’re confident we’ll find plenty of places and people that we like. We, from our side, will do anything we can to make stuff better and help out if necessary. This is kind of a Mariner’s code. Hope all works out well, I will end this first Talisman post with a So Long, Sailors!